Chinese perspectives

“Chinese Perspectives” – review

I took this book in a fast train on the Beijing-Shanghai route. Reading over what right before I got there Hongqiao station, but forced moments of inactivity allowed me to think why I liked so much “Chinese Perspectives” (though not without reservations). First, author knows his stuff, and he knows what he writes, and the second, he has a sense of humor, the distance to the subject and to itself. Why to each other? Well, “Chinese Perspectives” is not a book written from a cold distance, the author generously shares with his readers the information from your life (no worries, not post photos of breakfast with Instagram), even if you don’t “give him face”, or show it in a very favourable light. And for the Chinese “face” or their public visage is most important thing, that is why you should read this Aliexpress guide for everyone.

Books about the current rival in the USA appears more and more, but still there are few publications that meet two criteria simultaneously: they are not scientific and intended for the reader without any knowledge about China. And lack of knowledge about China among the general public (that is, not-sinologists) is normal and I am writing this without malice or pulling any hair out of my head. It’s simply a consequence of the total bypass this country and its culture in school textbooks. When the first class of Chinese students I ask: “what do you know about China?”, it turns out that the State Measure associates them with the great wall, Mao Zedong (though by the old record of Mao Tse-tung cannot pronounce it correctly), paper and opium. And it’s over, because I just so much knowledge offers curriculum from primary school to high school. Of course, China appear more and more often in the media, everyone can see the Chinese products on the shelves, they know that the increasing power, etc., but the news does not translate into knowledge gain and build a coherent picture of China in the minds of people.

That is why this book is extremely valuable and needed – in the end, the market appeared feasible, and professional guide for to-the-date-uninterested. “When a billion Chinese jump” does not require knowledge of the initial author patiently leads the reader by the hand – from the basic and simplest (geography, history, identity, language, and writing) through more complicated (even embarrassing legacy of Mao or economic development) until the issue of the relationship of the American-Chinese. Probably thanks to his experience of teaching, author knows perfectly well what the Americans do not know, and should, and focuses its attention on these issues. The plus is also a small downside is someone interested in China and with each other just a few readings or a short learning enriched with a small load of knowledge, although ordering information and show them from the perspective of the developer should this lack of reward. A perusal of the tire even less earned so far readers, the story deftly interwoven trivia and anecdotes from the life of the author.

Author shows China with many pages. Explains the contradictions apparent and real. Provides one information, then presents a different, zaprzeczającą the previous, and concludes that this is what this country is a complex, sometimes contradictory, paradoxical and our categories and mental schemes. Explains the Chinese point of view on the various aspects of the uneasy life of ordinary residents of the Member States and confronts it with the players seated in our heads stereotypes. Proves to us that a flood of Chinese counterfeit products on our markets thanks to businessmen, who will be happy to order and buy cheap stuff, like that from Aliexpress. Explains what is officially being a Communist country, although in reality, beyond the slogans and watchwords, communism, especially in the sense of equality and social protection, China is not likely to experience. Explains why the Chinese love and worship of Mao Zedong, despite the awareness of how many sins and errors he has on his conscience. Very interesting is the paragraph about Chinese concepts and logic, in which we learn how differently the Chinese, for example. define passwords in dictionaries, treat the legal provisions.