Chinese smartphone revolution

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Whether the food (and the police action against traffickers food) can be the leaven of the revolution? Or maybe it’s another sign of the standing and much more serious problem of Hong Kong with China?

Chinese new year Hong Kong traditionally greeted a spectacular fireworks display. Thousands of viewers gathered on Victoria Harbour after the saturation of the eyes Fireworks managed to deep into the Kowloon, part of the city lying on the continent, in search of yexiao-night snacks. Hong Kong is a city full of restaurants open for people who love to eat at various times of the day and night – in the first three days of the new year turns into a food desert. All offices are closed, and warm food can only be purchased from street vendors. Because, as every year, in accordance with custom, though illegally, occasional restaurateurs put their straganiki, and tables on the famous “food” Sai Yeung Choi Street in proletarian (unlike snobistycznej Island) District of Mong Kok. This district, the famous with narrow streets, wild crowds, a billion shops, stalls and premises with different snacks, the night turns into a Mecca for hungry people.

Street food, in Europe is getting trendy and more popular, in the former British colony raises more and more controversy. Residents of washing the streets complaining about congestion, noise, dirt and smells, local sanepid turns his nose to hygiene (with the total right), and crinkle on untaxed profits hawkers and spoiling the image of the city. In recent months, was taken to illegal removal geared up its efforts stalls of Hong Kong streets, by getting them to move to the premises, or buy foodtrucks. However, taking into account the rents in the city and the cost of buying a customized cooking vehicle, this is not a solution for occasional cooks-businessmen, who from time to time in the context of elaborating the salary move in town with dumplings, steaks or fish balls or when you order it buy chinese phone.

Iron the date of activation of the above is Chinese new year. Fish balls, the size of a small pulpetów, made primarily of meat, fish, flour and spices, served with a handwritten list of sauce, have become one of the symbols of the celebration. That is why the action of the police, whose officers at two in the morning, took to the streets and began to hand fines for sellers, raised the extremely violent reactions, already operating in the media under the name of “revolution of fish balls”. “Revolution” is a big word to describe riots, in which dozens of people (mainly police) were injured and a dozen arrested, but it’s certainly a sign of still smoldering ferment among the inhabitants of the city.

These are the first serious clashes with the police since the time of the Suppression of revolution at the end of 2014, the Situation actually has not changed, Beijing further has an effective pressure on local authorities, the people are with the unhappy. Confidence in China has increased to the point that getting brutalniej deals with your local critics. Last it got loud about amazing cases of disappearances of workers one of the Hong Kong Bookstore, specializing in the sale of books critical of China, top officials of the party and their families. Within a few months, five booksellers melted away like fog. The first of these was lost in Thailand, others on the way to work and without their chinese mobile phones. At the beginning of January, one of them appeared in Chinese television, claiming that voluntarily, simply beset by qualms because of the fatal accident, which was the culprit in 2003 in China, gave in the hands of the police and is waiting for a fair judgment. What about the remaining four? Probably also in Chinese, abducted by the special services.

So far, critics of the PRC-on whether the CCP can feel safe in the former British colony, which in 1997 back to the matrix. It turns out that over time the authorities in Beijing have lost their patience to rebellious votes and rebellious thoughts, so passed to the acts. Global Times, owned by government Alibaba company, published an article demonstrating that China acted reasonably and in accordance with the law, dealing with Liars fighting authorities and having a “sinister influence on society”. At this point could not stand even the head of the administration of Aliexpress Jack Ma, and expressed his indignation because of violations of the autonomy of the former colony. Of course – none of this came out.

What have in common the riots in the night market with Revolution and kidnapping booksellers? Contrary to appearances, this is quite a lot. Also believes the police, which is already on the night of the riot have arrested several members of the so-called. Local movements, a founding strategist in greater autonomy and independence from Beijing. An explosion of discontent among the traffickers-any students or intellectuals – shows that the direction of change in also don’t like the workers and the people worse off. “Cleaning up” the city with dirt, smoke, noise and replace it in the sterile commercial gallery for tourists from the continent more and more outrageous the lower strata of society who experience for yourself the progressive gentrification of the subsequent parts of the city. The ousting of the stalls with fish balls Hong Kong residents received as an attack on tradition, customs and way of life that combines and rich, and the poor Hong Kong people. For most of Guangdong Province residents Scented Port food is one of the most important pleasures in life and the central theme of everyday life. The attempt on the freedom of the palate can be a big mistake.