Are eroge games worth playing?

In games, i can be surprised by the fact that I can be disappointed very often. Not necessarily negative. As you probably remember, Cinderella Phenomenon is a free title that did not approach me at all and I do not hide that I took to the next thread basically only from the reviewer duty.
And good, because in rarely i played so well.

I will honestly admit that Rod was a character who did not approach me completely in other threads. First, because he is our half-brother (so it was hard for me to even imagine a romantic thread with him in the lead role), secondly because as a result of the curse of the Little Mermaid did not speak (using to communicate a plush bunny named Sebby) and thirdly because it is simply a nasty bun that has us too bad not very nice to refer to his family in the past. In general, this is a hero, over which a large neon inscription with the words “TSUNDERE”, and I for trundere in the otome just do not fall. As if not to look, everything pointed to an inevitable catastrophe.

We’ll get to know roda at the beginning of the game. He lives with us in the palace and is technically a prince, but we are unable to accept it because his mother is a representative of the lower state. This means that her children are not members of the royal family because of their origin, but the sudden social advancement of the parent. No wonder, then, that as scholars from tiny values, we see it as an affront and we do not treat our siblings with respect at all. While Emelaigne is still trying to make friends with us (with a miserable result), Rod is not going to approach us at all.


Eroge, also known as hentai game

This trend also persists after Delora’s curse has cast us. Although our brother often appears in The Marchen, he does not intend to help us in the curse at all, nor is he interested in freeing himself from his own. If we choose his thread, then our protagonist comes to the conclusion that the best way to do a good job will be to compensate the family of our past behavior. Rod clearly does not intend to take part in this and even prohibits us from approaching hentai games, but is eventually forced to cooperate by Delora. As a result, we land in the palace, but this time in a personal role serving a hated sister once. Rod initially tries to have us between the buttocks, but nevertheless we decide to help him in the curse. And the more we learn about it, the more we understand this stubborn silence and the more his image begins to change in our eyes. Over time, the boy opens up in front of us, and even betrays signs of interest to our person (mainly thanks to you, who sometimes misses out on what his master really thinks), but the romantic thread itself develops late. Final history is strong and rewarding, and allows you to get answers to many of the player’s concerns. The thread itself is unobvious, a little twisted and keeps in tension until the last moments. I really, very pleasantly met this story.

So are eroge good games or not?

Here I have to commend the creators for a really well-countered character. They didn’t impress me and there was untapped potential from both (for this Rumpel was annoying as few people). Rod is a definitely more thoughtful figure, has its second bottom and secrets that are happy to discover. He also shows great maturity in this adult game and has for me such a little Jieun syndrome from the game Dandelion: Wishes brought toyou, and so he is so cool as a young man that I prefer not to even imagine how great an adult could grow. Everything here is intertwined and we get a piece of really good story.
Nor did I expect the creators to bear the subject of the natural sibling emotional relationship so well. It is portrayed as something completely unacceptable and the heroes themselves do not feel comfortable with it. Of course, it was easy to unscrew everything, but it was decided not to go easy and until the very end leave Rod and the protagonist with this problem themselves. And even if they ultimately decide to continue their familiarity and stealthy encounters in the forest, they both know that it will probably not last forever. After all, the Queen will have to marry someone, just like the prince, but so far they both live a moment and decide to enjoy it. And this is probably the moment when I have nothing left but to encourage you to give the chance to play Cinderella Phenomenon and play even this one thread. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Sometimes I wonder what lies behind this strong need to prove to someone that he is an idiot, and that’s just because he has a different opinion about the game, book, film or the color of curtains in the kitchen. Personally, I think that tastes should be talked about (contrary to circulating opinion), but talk, discuss and exchange views, not prove that apples are better than orange, and from orange pears, because yes. I’m curious about what makes people so hard trying to equate down, bring each other to the ground and undercut their wings. And it’s not just about playability of this hentais from Japan. When I started running a blog, there were those who didn’t predict the bright future and thought I was going to burn out quickly.

When I started approaching 20,000 views and i guessed that maybe it would be worth working with the publisher. When I started getting my first games for review for free, a couple of kind people called me a begging that “makes the game for reviews”. There were even those who thought it was no surprise that I liked some production, since I didn’t have to pay for it, that probably went top-down prikaz from the publisher and therefore the review was mostly maintained in superlatives. When I decided to embrace best hentai games, I learned that it would hardly be possible, because if they no longer produce it, the company will not do it for me. Sure, everyone has the right to criticize, have doubts or express their opinion, but why is it all very often impersonated by malice, such a desire to dig someone at all costs? Why can’t we enjoy discovering the world of otome together and getting to know more and more recent games? I don’t want to be the only righteous thing here or to sell hungry pieces to anyone, but what Gok Wan has taught me is just doing what he loves, and letting others do exactly the same thing. Without making up to all the ideology or sticking labels. I have a friend who writes a book and has already received assurances from the publishing house that it will be released. And even though the book passes with my personal preferences, I will celebrate the day when it will see the light of day. And Very, I would very much like more blogs about otome games in Poland. I would like to learn the opinions of other lovers of the genre and exchange views on individual titles.

Everything that could have been kicked in this thread has been kicked. I liked her ample bosom, which was based on the split of the self, but even the creators had to spoil it. Not only is it easy to guess that it is in fact him (I suspected it from karma’s thread, which I played first), but I also lack some more psychologically correct representation of their relationship. It was a story where you could have fun with the convention perfectly, but, unfortunately, someone went after the thinnest line of resistance does not use the full potential. As a player, I should support sexy Red Hood, and yet I preferred to hold this eroge. Maybe and this thread holds a slightly higher level than the story, but still not difficult admit that in fact it is a very good erotic game available online.

eroge game

Sometimes when I talk to people who want to write my own game otome, I hear the words: “But I don’t need any advice, I want to write a game after my own.” And I have the impression that cinderella phenomenon perfectly shows why such a way of thinking is disastrous. It hurts all the more because dicesuki’s flagship product was created with little momentum, from a really good idea starting, on the song to the opening. What has failed is realization. What about the fact that the game looks nice (seriously, has backgrounds better than many paid titles), since almost everyone I talk to says about it: “Well, it’s cool, but something is missing in it”? This is something of a poorly written scenario, kicked characters (perhaps outside the protagonist, who positively beats above average heroin in otome games), inadequate pacing and unsatisfying finale. You can see that creators are completely unable to build scenes or plot the relationship between the characters (the love thread of almost every thread appears from the ass), not to mention that they probably do not even know what the sequel is for. As a result, nothing sticks to the pile, we have story holes, contractual romantic threads and characters as sycathed as their sprite’y. Someone might say, “Well, but the game is free, they probably didn’t have the cash to hire a good screenwriter”, but that won’t be true.