Largest businesses in China

Publishing a list of the largest companies in China is, unfortunately not really possible, because the State and the Communist Party’s is controling economy and information flow about it . From the point of view of the image campaign not looks best list in which most private firms are on the distant positions giving the primacy of national giants. According to Fortune 500 Huawei, which takes the first place in the ranking of private companies, ranks only 129 in public sector companies. Alibaba Holding, which controls Taobao is ranked as a state company.
Summary of Fortune shows Chinese private sector is still weak compared with the State sector. However, if you closely look at the private Chinese companies from the federal list you can have serious doubts as to their status. Many of them are indirectly controlled by Chinese companies and public authorities, their founders and major shareholders are derived from military circles or the party. Some of them are active members of the party and hold the functions of party. And party is the highest authority, its members correspond to the first before the party, and then before the State authorities, including the public prosecutor’s Office, security services and the courts. Their task is to first serve the party and their interests, and further the interests of the shareholders and other stakeholders. In many companies, shareholders, directly or indirectly, are members of the family of high party dignitaries including the President of the State and Xi Jinping, a former Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao, Member of the Politburo.


Conducting business with Chinese companies, judging them as potential investors, contractors, infrastructure investment, allowing for a significant market share. It should be noted that in China even private enterprises are dependent on the decision of party members, often linked to them and, no matter how they are great, they must serve the interests of the country, at least in theory. Even a cursory look at some of the companies with the top ten shows how many of them are strongly associated and dependent on Chinese politicians.