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The search for the dream wedding dress is the culmination of the preparation for the wedding. Salons are full of diverse proposals, but this perfect wedding dress should cover up minor imperfections and accentuate the places you want to emphasize.

How to choose a wedding dress? Measure! “This is the only way to see where your wedding dress looks best. What tips should the bride follow during her purchase?

Show what wedding dress you like

Consider what choices you have and which variants suit you most. Styles, typefaces, colors, materials and decorations are available in many variants. Browse magazines, the Internet and catalogs and select the models you like the most.

The only advice: try any dress you like

Do you want to look at this special day gorgeously? This does not mean changing, but it is important to emphasize the personality and enhance the benefits. The perfect wedding dress is a touch of minor imperfections and accents the places you want to emphasize. You should also think that the wedding dress must be checked in every part of the ceremony. Look also on aliexpress wedding dresses. There are countless

Match skin color

What color should have a dream wedding dress? You do not have to decide on white, if you like Red Wedding skunies or the ecru. Choose the color that best harmonizes with your complexion and skin.

The white color is associated with innocence, purity of heart and virtue. Contemporary wedding dresses are true white, but they have different shades. The most popular dresses are the colors: snow (which, according to tradition, could don only the Virgin), off white and ivory.

It is assumed that as the first in a white satin wedding dress, trimmed with an English lace, she went to the altar of Scottish Queen Mary Stuart I. But at that time White was the official color of mourning in France. By the middle of the nineteenth century almost every color of the wedding dress was appropriate (except black and red). The white wedding gown gained popularity only after the marriage of Victoria Hanover with Prince Albert, which took place in 1840 years. From that moment in principle the white color reigns undivided to the present day. But still in the interwar period, it happened that the contemporary brides had a dress in pastel colors, eg. Pink.

Start looking for half a year before the wedding

Three to six months before the wedding, you should start searching for your dream dress. The more concrete your idea, the choice will be easier. The dress should be chosen quite early, because despite the wide offer in the salons, often the delivery times of orders, including the scoops and amendments, come to three months. This is also good idea, because you will be able to snatch Aliexpress wedding gifts that are really inexpensive, but the shipping from China usually takes few weeks and up to 2 months.

Find time for scoops and corrections

It is worth to arrange the measurement and selection of the wedding dress beforehand. You can then be sure that your living room is dedicated to the right amount of time, and you will be able to try it without haste. To make it easier for you to decide, go with someone close-friend, Mom, witness… Prepare for a visit to the bridal salon. Strong makeup and intense perfume are not appropriate for this occasion. It is worth to take care of a good bra and shoes on the right heels.

You don’t have to measure every gown that is in the shop. Pick some dresses that caught your eye. You can also listen to the advice of a friend or reseller. Don’t be afraid to measure it. Remember that in your wedding dress you should look not only captivating, but also feel comfortable. Consider whether in a dress you look good, nothing you do not bother. If you do not you have found your dream creation, ask for the possibility of ordering or uszycia it to an individual order.

Buying a wedding dress – price vs. quality

Not always the price is paramount. Check whether the wedding dress is made of good quality materials and accessories. Avoid dresses with klejonymi elements. Make sure your order is accurately placed so that the wedding gown you receive is identical to the original.

Neck wedding gown to order or buy in a specialized salon, where specialists will help you to choose the right outfit. This is the only way you can be sure that you will get a perfectly matched gown. If you want to avoid disappointment, do not order the dress online. If you are tempted by cheap offers from the internet, do not trust the photos placed by the seller, just ask for a real photo of the offered dress. Take care of the scoops and the processing. Let the latter take place at least one month before the wedding (unless you are pregnant). Well have prepared a dress at least a week before the wedding.
How do I store my wedding gown?

If you already have a dream wedding dress, you must keep it in the right way. The optimal solution is a dry, dark place away from heat sources. The dress is best hung in a special pouch that protects it from stains.